Players for online radio stations

Audio Streaming AAC+ for your online radio stations!

99.9% Uptime guaranteed.

 HD Professional Audio Streaming.  

Optimized for the HD AAC+ audio encoded.

 Flash Player with share social network options.


Online Radio HD:

Online radioHD is an online management tool for radio streamers and DJ Using Icecast2 KH stream server and AAC Flash player. The idea and features of Online radio-HD was gathered from  the request and necessities of online broadcasters to make streaming better than before, it is a package tool the combine the control of stream and the AAC+ Flash player, with the advance functionality of the Online radio-HD AAC+ Flash player this will give a new listening experience to your user online.

Online radio-HD is not only a stream  control panel and player but it was built to make advertisement online, with its banner management the DJ can upload and show the banner ads with in the player area, banner will be display in a slide type.

Key Features (Control panel)

Key Features

   Easy DJ on board management, with show title and DJ photo

   Main dashboard for DJ with current playing song information

   Easy Banner management with on/off swifth on the dash board

   Additional alternative channel stream which is good for broadcaster that use High, medium and low     bandwidth servers

   Easy management of Icecast2 KH server, with listeners informations, kick source, ban listeners

   Song Request listing and notification

   Integrate to Sambroadcaster Online song request

   Song History

   Social Network link management for icon on the player

   Facebook version player (Click here to add the player to your facebok page)

   Facebook costumized background image

   Geo locking for different country

   Live DJ Video camera

   Administrators account management

   Station DJ Accounts

   On-board DJ Chat

   Player configuration, spectrums effect color, social icons links and logo

   Player preview and embed code for website integration

   Video Ads/intro Management

   Different themes for player

   API/Code snippets for your website integration

   Auto detect mobile device (iPhone/iPad) and turn itself to listen link for playing the stream on mobile

   Listener's log with playing duration, allowed and denied list when using Geo-locking

   Analog VU meter and realtime audio spectrum with fall-off effect

   Artist Cover of the current song

   Can easily listen to other channel by clicking the channel on the player

   Auto-soft volume when start or stop

   Mute button

   Buffer amount display

   Current time and listening duration display

   Lots of available themes check here

Get this player and put  on your website for only $20 USD /month

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